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70th Transportation Battalion Military Challenge Coin

This is the 70th Transportation Battalion Commanders Challenge Coin. I could not find much for history on this unit, please post if you have some more info.



AAAA Black Knights Chapter Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is from the Army Aviation Association of America, Black Nights Chapter.  It is more of a "Challenge Token" considering its shape - talk about cool and unique! This coin was submitted by a CH-47 Flight Engineer in the National Guard. He received this as a gift for his contribution to an air assault training exercise his unit supported for the West Point cadets.

The front of the Challenge Coin is in the shape of a helmet with a sword behind it. The back of the coin reads "Presented for Excellence". Below that is a silver Apache helicopter alongside a large black "A" for Army and below that a black sword on which is written "BLACK KNIGHTS".  Below the sword is written "AAAA CHAPTER / West Point NY" along with "Above the Best". In the bottom left is the US Army Aviation insignia.

Over all this is great challenge coin. Lots of contours make nice to hold, and the shape really makes it stand out from a collection. Great job on this design!


Developmental Test Command Challenge Coin

I received this coin at my commissioning ceremony into the Army. It is engraved with my name on the back. I believe that one of the cadre at my ROTC was involved with the Developmental Test Command - I know for sure he was always working with DARPA, not sure if these two organizations tie together or not.

This is a military challenge coin from the United States Army Developmental Test Command.  It is a larger coin, measuring about 2″ in diameter. The front of the coin reads “UNITED STATES ARMY / DEVELOPMENTAL TEST COMMAND”, and back reads “TEST FOR THE BEST / USA DTC / AWARDED FOR EXCELLENCE” .

The front of the coin has a flag behind a picture of the US Continent, with the emblem of the USA DTC in Washington DC, and red stars “shooting” from DC to the various DTC locations across CONUS. The front is embossed in an clear enamel, and looks and feels very classy. The back has the red Army General One Star Flag, below which is room for an engraving.

All in all this is a great challenge coin. I am unsure of who minted it, but the they did one heck of a job (If you know who minted it, pass it on to me)! I especially like how the outside rim of the coin is cut, it makes the coin look even cooler when reflecting light.